From Social Media Studies to being a Quality Assurance Tester for e.near – Lúcia Mota, one of our talented women, tells us her experience of what it’s like to work in the tech field as someone who entered it ‘by chance’.


The tech industry seems to still be a male-dominated field, so we decided to get some insights from one of our talented women. We challenged Lúcia Mota, a Q.A. Tester who’s working with us for 5 years now!

We asked Lúcia 10 questions about her experience working for e.near not only as a Q.A. Tester but especially as a woman working in the tech field.

#1: What made you interested in technology in the first place? Did you always know that this was what you wanted to do?

It just happened. I grabbed an opportunity while I was working on a part-time job for a major Telecom company 11 years ago. And since then, this has been my full-time job.

#2: How was it like for you during university?

My graduation has nothing to do with IT. I graduated in Social Media studies. But an opportunity came up just after my graduation ended and my professional life led me this way.

#3: Tell us about you. What is your job at e.near? What do you do on a typical day?

I’m a senior Quality Assurance. My job is to ensure that the product being developed meets quality standards. This means testing the product and raising bugs when found. Also, depending on projects’ factors like budget and time, I might suggest product improvements.

#4: Do you have any ‘greater’ motivation that makes you love coming to work every day (even if it’s teleworking)?

Besides my work as a QA and my responsibilities, my greater motivation is the team/company environment. It is very important for me to feel welcome, heard and respected every day. After 5 years I can still say that about e.near.

#5: It’s not as uncommon to have women as QA Testers as it is to have women as developers, for instance.

Do you think it has something to do with QA Testers having the possibility of entering the tech field through other areas of study?

My opinion is that, about 10 years ago, Quality Assurance was a role in ascension in Portugal. The need for people to ‘test things’ was a bit underrated. Nowadays, I believe that this role is highly valued and other technical skills are required – like in automation testing, for instance. So, I believe that it is not so easy to become a QA if not by starting with a degree in computer science or other engineering areas.

#6: What is it like, for you, to be a woman working in technology?

For me, it’s easy to be a woman in tech. I never felt different or judged, opportunities grow for both men and women. I never noticed anyone being chosen over their genre for a given role or promotion in this industry.

#7: Looking at the big picture of women working in technology in Portugal, and also around the globe, do you think in 10 years it will still be a male-dominated field?

Not at all! In fact, I think that in 10 years this will be an industry with almost the same percentage of women and men. IT is in high need of workers so the genre is definitely not a “thing” anymore.

#8: At e.near, we aim towards having a diverse workplace, and our CEO is a woman. Do you feel any imbalance in our company?

Everything I needed so far was attended by Inês. All issues that I had since day one at e.near were immediately solved.

In fact, I’m celebrating 5 years working for e.near. It is the longest time I’ve worked for a Company. Because at e.near I feel “at home”. All my concerns are addressed, my job is recognised and I can have a perfect balance between my personal life and my job.

#9: What do you think is the best part of being a woman in the tech industry?

Well, I think women are more concerned with “things done right” instead of “things done fast”. So, as per my experience, I feel that women bring a demanding sense of perfection and no tolerance over failure.

#10: Do you have any advice you would give to girls and women considering a career in technology?

Remember that IT is a fast-paced industry.

So, read the news, participate in workshops and online certifications, read books and magazines, subscribe to YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs… Invest in yourself and in your knowledge, because you are your own best asset.

Do your best, fight the right battles!


Are you a woman in the tech field? Do you agree with Lúcia’s testimony?

Share your experience with us!

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