e.Near is a Lisbon-based Portuguese company founded in 2013 by a group of Portuguese entrepreneurs. We have been conquering the most demanding markets ever since. Our vision in 2012 – before the company was established – was to develop software in Portugal by the Portuguese, that would satisfy the most sophisticated markets.

Today I can safely say that objective has been met.
We have built tech solutions for different international clients, from startups to medium/large- sized companies.
Together with the extremely innovative way we nearshore, hiring only the best software engineers in Portugal has been fundamental for our positioning.

We have many reasons to smile; back in 2012 we invested in an innovative, high-quality company and today we see our efforts recognized with participation on the Web Summit as one of 200 Portuguese startups.

Portugal has what it takes to become a technological center of enormous relevance on the global scene; some things we are doing right, others not so much; however, the Web Summit is sure to bring technology to the attention of many decision-makers in Portugal, so we’re already winning.

In any case, e.Near will continue to do what it does best: hire only the best engineers and attract the most innovative technology development projects into Portugal.