The Portuguese tech company e.Near spent over 5 weeks preparing its participation in the Web Summit. Contracts signed with new clients during the event will generate over 1 million euros next year, while turnover for 2016 is expected to reach 4 million euros with clients based in the UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, Croatia and Switzerland. Earlier this week, Exame magazine distinguished e.Near as one of the best companies to work for in Portugal.

Lisbon, 28 November 2016 – Portuguese nearshore technology company e.Near has signed new contracts worth over 1 million euros during the Web Summit, adding to its already 100% international business operations.

«People were surprised by the quality of our software development, by the clients we attracted and the results we achieved; they had heard about Portuguese quality, but did not expect to find companies so invested in quality like e.Near», CEO Nuno Melo explains.

«As a result, we have signed several contracts that will increase by over one million euros our 2017 turnover», he continued.

Intense preparation and contacts with all companies attending the Web Summit was key. «Our message captures people’s attention rather effortlessly; so we managed to schedule many meetings where we explained our positioning and differentiating factors».

«We did not limit our exposure to the start-ups area; we also had staff going around the Web Summit chatting with potential clients. Also, on day one of the Summit we launched a new website», he added.

The success e.Near had in the Web Summit’s first edition was so great the company is already thinking about the 2017 edition. «We’ll be at the Web Summit 2017, of course; we plan on strengthening our presence there».

Initiatives like the Web Summit need to be followed up by policies that ensure growth in innovation, but also by the IT-oriented Portuguese business fabric, Nuno Melo warns. «Portugal is home to very bright, competent people; technology here is thriving and amazing products are being built».

For companies seeking investment, «the exhibition is a fantastic opportunity; having it 3 years in a row gives us a huge advantage, as the first year is for experimenting, the following two will be for fine tuning our strategy», he stated.

Founded in 2013 by Nuno Melo, Pedro Malheiro and Inês Malheiro , e.Near already has clients in the UK, Ireland, USA, Germany, Croatia and Switzerland.

e.Near met the needs of international clients looking for nearshore solutions that go beyond Managed Services. To do so, it provides a set of services that range from team management to product management, and complete project management in an end-to-end cycle.

«We have advantages that come from the country we are located in, the quality of human resources, and proprietary remote software delivery management methodology, which allows for extraordinary quality levels, productivity and savings. We want the whole world to know that best nearshore company is e.Near, that it is located in Portugal, and that this country produces technology of such quality unlike anywhere on the planet. », Nuno Melo admits.

e.Near has just been distinguished by Exame magazine as one of the top companies to work for, and was one of 3 shortlisted for Best Outsourcing Award in Europe.

Source: Computer World Portugal