What we had to do to assure the highest security standards while having our staff working from home.


For more than a year that e.near’s staff has been working from home regularly. Now, all changes that took place during 2020 are our new normal. But it doesn’t make them less important. We already told you about the challenges of home office. Now we’ll share with you how we overcome all the home office security problems and what had to be done in order to assure our clients that all their data was as safe as if we were at the office.

“The ISS department is always updating and investing in our network infrastructure and in new processes and knowledge. This way we can assure e.near’s and our partners’ network security.” Rafael Malheiro, Infrastructure and Support Services Team


Home office - network security - e.near nearshore

We had to invest in new technology

Our ISS department invests a lot in innovation. That’s the only way we can be sure that we don’t get behind. Technology moves fast, and we’re well aware that keeping up with that rhythm is essential – and it becomes even more essential when we’re talking about security matters.

“From the beginning that our department invests a lot in innovation when it comes to our clients and our own internal networks’ security. And that wasn’t disregarded with the pandemic. Quite the opposite, in fact.” Rafael Malheiro, e.near’s ISS Team.

We started to make new investments in equipment that improved our – and our clients’ – network and data security. We looked for new and reliable technologies that fit our new needs – the ones that came with covid-19 and still apply to this day.

  • New rules started to be applied to the firewalls of our e-mail servers

  • Stronger anti-virus & updates were bought

  • VPNs started to be used for even the slightest risk operation

  • New apps allow us to monitor IPs and block all trojans and phishing schemes

These were our 4 main investments to not only keep every operation as safe as in the office but also to allow us to go further where it comes to security matters. Our ISS department is fully committed to the security of our company’s and our clients’ networks – and it gives us all the confidence to keep working not be worried about security.

Our staff follows strict security procedures

Rafael Malheiro - e.near nearshore - remote work securityMaintaining all work and data as safe as in the office is obviously mandatory. That means not only the company but also its staff had to be prepared to keep and even improve security procedures. 

I kept following the same procedures I used in the office. For instance, I always lock up my computer when I have to leave the room”, refers Daniel Santos, Senior Developer. This way Daniel is always sure no one can ever have access to his computer’s content.

Besides that, the Senior Developer reminds us about how important it is to not mix private and work computers. “The software I use to work, including our partners’ software, is always on e.near’s computers. I never installed or made copies of such software to my personal computers”. 

The solutions may not be the same for every employee and team – but Daniel is very clear about how things were handled. “We always managed to find a solution, and security was never put at risk”. 

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