Javascript Developer
Lisbon, Portugal
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As e.near’s Javascript Developer, you will:

• Design generic and reusable modules/components in JavaScript

• Write new and maintainable code to meet business requirements

• Extend, maintain and debug existing code

• Document and communicate changes within the team, the company and to clients


Required Skills:


• Experience using React js with Redux

• Experience using node.js to run an SPA, including common build processes

• Experience integrating JavaScript with RESTful services

• Experience writing unit tests for JavaScript (such as jasmine, jest)

• State of the art – knowledge of best practices for web-related technologies and software engineering

• Analytical Skills - proven ability to acquire an understanding of a problem or situation by breaking it down systematically into its component parts and identifying the relationships between these parts

• Proficient developer – proven ability to efficiently implement and test functionalities with JavaScript

• Innovating – experiment with new functionalities and technologies to deliver value to the business


Soft Skills:

• Attention to detail

• Customer focus

• Communication with key users to provide support and explain resolutions

• Listen and understand user requirements and translate them into technical solutions

• Communication and social skills

• Taking advice and guidance from the Business Analysts and liaising closely with other members of the team on support and technical issues

• Strong time management responsibility


The icing on the cake skills:

• Experience with React Native and native mobile app development

• Experience with NGINX

• Experience with UI/UX best practice and accessibility principles

• Experience with large-scale websites: implementing and scaling complex high-traffic websites, including code optimization and caching

• REST API –using and designing RESTful APIs

• i18n – internationalization and localization of websites

• Professional standards - familiar with safety standards, help desk procedures, corporate quality and change management processes

• Exposure to a variety of frameworks and libraries (such as jQuery, require.js, handlebars, bootstrap)

• Exposure to Java, Ruby-on-rails, Git, CSS, basics of Unix command line tools and MySQL


Company Benefits:

• Great environment to keep growing on software development knowledge and good practices

• Awesome Tech Events

• Amazing work-life balance

• The possibility to work in the heart of Lisbon

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