DevOps Engineer
Lisbon, Portugal
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As e.near’s DevOps Engineer, you will:

• collaborate closely with the backend and frontend engineering teams to create scalable and self-healing infrastructure for serving our customers real-time insights.

• create tools and deployment systems that enable high feature velocity and developers’ quality of life.


Required Skills:

• Strong background in Linux/Unix Administration.

• Ability to use a wide variety of open-source technologies and cloud services.

• A working understanding of code and script (Bash, Python or Ruby).

• Experience with configuration management tools (Ansible, Chef).

• Experience with monitoring, observability, and logging services (Prometheus, EFK/ELK, Loki, etc.).

• Knowledge of CI/CD tools and processes.

• Excellent English.

Company Benefits:

•  Great environment to keep growing on software development knowledge and good practices

•  Regular training and mentoring

•  Awesome Tech Events

•  Amazing work-life balance

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