The closer, the better. At e.near, we believe that nearshoring is the right path to cut costs and improve delivery efficiency, focusing, first and foremost, on building long-term, trusting relationships and seeking specific knowledgeable resources.

From a broad point of view, nearshoring stands for transferring IT processes to companies in a nearby country, preferably in the same continent, thus creating a number of benefits that cover geographic proximity

which means that travel and communication are made easier and less expensive, capitalizing on cultural and social synergies, cost reduction, and many others.

The list goes on, but it all comes down to delivering better results with fewer limitations, always guaranteeing that the advantages taken from nearshore services outweigh the challenges along the way.

Nearshoring is a key business tool already being successfully implemented in companies scattered around the world, and Portugal is no stranger to the concept. In fact, we’re one of the leading countries providing nearshore software outsourcing.


Living in Portugal while working for international customers is proof that we can have the best of both worlds. Portugal is one of the major hubs for IT top talent, and we make every effort to engage our teams in cutting-edge technology projects.

As a result, the number of companies choosing to set base in Portugal is also growing increasingly fast, so we’re sure this is the right country to build something great.

Overall, nearshoring brings a multitude of short- and long-term advantages, ranging from high-quality delivery to reduced costsmore flexibilitygeographic proximity, and a number of other benefits for your company.




Access to highly qualified and experienced IT specialists, with expertise in traditional and Agile methodologies


Portugal’s robust legal system ensures the most secure Intellectual Property Rights Frameworks


The founders of e.near hold established experience from over 20 years in the UK and Portuguese technology sectors


Our location and time-zone proximity allows for effortless communication, understanding, and close collaboration


Long-established relationships with leading experts in the UK and international technology sector. Our tech advisory board guarantees best practices are available to all of our partner clients and keeps us at the forefront of technical evolution.


Our close interaction with leading technical faculties of top universities confirms we are continually able to introduce the brightest new emerging talent into the workforce. We run ongoing training seminars and workshops across various technologies.

Our success so far could not be quantified if it weren’t for our clients. Here you can find some of our most prized case studies, with results and added value that are beyond measure.

The nearshore services we render are based on three delivery models that painstakingly provide a flexible yet simple approach to best fit your business structure.

Nearshoring is the ultimate IT solution for your company, and we’re the best partners you can do it with.

trust us to do what we do best