Portugal is the place to come for tourism. But did you know it is also the place to look for nearshore software development partners? Discover why you want your next nearshore team to come from here.


Portugal has 2 830 km of coastline, with Lisbon – the capital city – having an average of 8 hours of daily sunshine, 263 rain-free days and 21.6ºC. And these stats are only for Lisbon, imagine those of Algarve for instance! That alone makes Portugal one of the most appealing places on earth. Our country is perfect for your next vacation. But is it perfect for your business as well? That’s what you will discover if you keep on reading.

You might not know it, but despite being a small country, Portugal has highly innovative companies fueled by super talented people. Lisbon receives the world’s biggest tech conference – Web Summit (and we were there too!). Besides that, for several years foreign investors are choosing to invest in Portugal. Being considered the 3rd most safe country in the 2020 Global Peace Index might help explain it too.

Portugal: an outstanding nearshore software development location

The nearshore industry didn’t grow as it did in Portugal because we’re cheap. You have other countries if the price is all that matters to you. The sector grew because we’re really good at what we do – with the extra that we’re in a great location, we are at a tremendously flexible time zone, most people are highly proficient in English and much more. So, we’re attractive for companies looking for nearshore partners for a myriad of reasons. Let’s discover them.

1- Prime Location

We mentioned this before, but have you truly noticed how well-located Portugal is? We’re right in the middle of 3 continents – Africa, America and Europe. And the right location is a key factor for the success of a nearshore software development partnership.

Nearshore is a win-win solution exactly because partners can work simultaneously and have onsite visits. You’ll want those trips between your office and the partner’s office to be as easy as possible. Our teams become part of our partners’ teams. And, before the restrictions dictated by the pandemic, our partners would frequently come to our offices. As our employees would often visit our partners and their teams too.

We should let you know that our headquarters has a prime location too. You can find us in Lisbon’s downtown, right next to the Tejo river. And it is really close to Lisbon’s airport – only 7km, in fact.e.near-software-development-nearshore-Portugal-enear (2)

2- Time zone

Nearshore is all about relative geographical proximity – and similar time zones, right? Our airports receive direct flights from most European countries and we have the same time-zone as London, for instance. This maximises the overlapping working hours between different teams.

Communication flows easily and teams don’t have to wait long hours to get answers. You get the efficiency of having teams working simultaneously.

3- Culture

Recalling a little bit of Portuguese history, over the centuries, we have become very creative and resourceful. Generation after generation, people learned to think outside the box. But that’s not all. There’s something else that other countries started to notice about Portugal: the ability that people have to do different tasks simultaneously. We are true experts at multitasking. Such flexibility was incorporated for work and business purposes. Additionally, Portuguese people are easily adaptable people.

Nevertheless, our country has been making lots of public investments to bridge those skills into the new technologies. In fact, out of 141 countries, Portugal ranked 6 in the “Upgrade infrastructure to accelerate the energy transition and broaden access to electricity and ICT” section of the 2020 Global Competitiveness Index.

Also, Portugal is a country of hard-working, welcoming and friendly people. Besides that, it’s a really safe country, having one of the lowest crime rates in the world proves just that.

4- English Proficiency 

On one hand, Portuguese people used to emigrate and therefore became used to other languages and cultures. On the other hand, Portugal rose as a tourist destination and people wanted to be able to communicate with visiting foreigners.  So we truly developed our language skills too.

Portugal ranked #7 in the 2020 English Proficiency Index. We’re one of the few countries that ranked “very high” in the proficiency index. Communication is key. And having different teams that perfectly understand each other is a big step to the success of nearshore software development solutions. 

5- Top-notch quality workforce

Portugal-has-9-professional-developers-per-1000-inhabitants-e.near_Portugal has been proving itself as a first-class nearshore software development destination. This only happened thanks to all the previously mentioned reasons. But not only – this Iberian country developed its reputation due to a highly skilled and talented workforce.

IT professionals in Portugal are extremely qualified, adaptable and experienced. That’s why you can find a great number of companies opting to have nearshore teams here. Portugal is truly full of talent. We ranked 26 in the World Talent Ranking 2020, above countries like France (28), Spain (32), Poland (35), Japan (38) or Ukraine (42). The report is based on the evaluation of 3 categories (investment & development; appeal; and readiness).

In fact, one of our state Universities was ranked as one of the best 200 universities in the world, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020. And despite being a small touristic country, we have 9 professional developers per 1,000 inhabitants.


6- Weather & Food

You might think this doesn’t matter, but it does. Have you tried working with happy people who enjoy a great life quality in a sunny European country? As we told you before, we are somehow a tourist paradise. We have thousands of kilometres of coastline with beautiful beaches, our capital is the 3rd sunniest city in Europe and despite being a small country, it has a wide range of tourist offers – from paradisiac beaches to icy mountains, from big cities to small unknown countryside villages. In fact, Portugal was (once again) Europe´s Leading Destination in the World Travel Awards, winning 27 awards in last year’s ceremony

Our people love gastronomy – we have so many traditional dishes that we can name a few for each small region of Portugal. And the same applies to our very typical pastries and sweets. Besides that, we know you won’t let us forget about the exceptional wines from various Portuguese regions. We’re pretty sure once you have your software development team in Portugal, you’ll want to come for a visit as many times as possible.

Why is e.near the right nearshore partner?

You might be thinking: ok, Portugal is indeed a great nearshore outsourcing location – but how can I choose the best partner there? We’ll help you with that.

By choosing e.near, besides all those advantages of partnering in Portugal, you get something that other nearshore companies don’t have and that can’t be bought: a company culture that develops strong relationships to the point that all members become part of the family – “the e.near family”. And that’s the kind of work culture you want from a nearshore software development team.


With us, it’s not only the management team that supports employees – colleagues always support each other. People who come to work with us understand & apply this camaraderie very quickly. Colleagues are always there to give a helping hand. Because it is easy, it makes everyone closer and, in the end, everyone’s happier at work.

Because of that, we made sure to have an open space office – and a terrace with one of the best views in Lisbon. We want our people to connect, to have fun at work with the rest of the team. (And we have the greatest parties too, but we won’t tell you about it, or you’d send your application to us right away!). Even now that we have to do them online. 

Our culture has been developing over the years, but camaraderie, fun and professionalism are always part of who we are. Happy people always do a better job – if you’re aware of that, you know that e.near offers you top-notch talent and the best possible work environment. Our partners know it.

Although the global market might seem swamped in outsourcing options, finding the perfect development team for your project can be harder than expected. Portugal meets all the requirements – great talent, location, competitiveness and social, political and regulatory framework – to be seriously considered one of the most competitive nearshore outsourcing destinations. 

Portugal nearshore software development location - enear

Nearshore revolutionised software development departments. It offers a myriad of advantages to companies, including startups. And the benefits you get from choosing Portugal as a nearshore destination are not easy to find elsewhere. A prime location and time zone, a workforce with outstanding technical and soft skills and much more.  But not every nearshore partner offers you the same results. 

In a nutshell, if you’re looking for excellence, choose to work with top talent. Get your team from a partner that offers you the happiest, most engaged and passionate people. Look for companies that – like us – offer you not only top-notch talent but also exceptional outcomes. Those can only be delivered by treating workers like family. That’s how you get the best talent to be passionate about working on projects as if they were their own.  

Top talent has been choosing to work with us – will you choose to work with us, too?

Contact us.

Get in touch and let’s set up our Nearshore Software Development Outsourcing partnership.

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