We often talk about how important innovation is, yet after so much investment in innovation strategies, most businesses still fail to innovate and/or profit from such innovation. So today we’re looking at how Nearshore software development can contribute to the success of a business’s innovation strategy.

Life is all about change and one’s ability to adapt –  survival of the fittest (not the strongest). History shows us how true this is. In business, the same principle applies: those who better adapt and create innovative solutions are no doubt more likely to survive. Now more than ever, businesses need to develop and create innovation strategies, considering how fast digital technologies have evolved.

The truth of the matter is that digital technology (digital transformation) can influence established, mature businesses, transforming them rather than changing them. When a new player joins the game, or a new product renders ours obsolete, we need to change; but to see our business model become obsolete is another entirely different thing. So we need to ask ourselves:

How quickly can we respond to change? How quickly can we introduce a product in the market?

Let’s assume for a moment that your business can react quickly to problems that pop up in your platform, just like Tesla can provide over-the-air updates and patches to its cars even while on the road. Even in this favourable scenario, you know you are not prepared to deal with the transformations that may occur in your line of business. So my follow-up question is this:

Are you capable and skilled enough to quickly develop creative prototypes, and lead the change (or transformation) in your line of business?

If you are looking to increase your business’s ability to innovate, maybe you should look to the powerful combination of Nearshore and Agile software development. We’ll call it Nearshore Agile. This combination provides access to new, innovative technologies and solutions. Perhaps this is the main reason to look for a Nearshore partner accustomed to mature, sophisticated markets.

I leave you six key measures to pick the right partner, for the right Nearshore solution.

      1. Pick a tech company specialised in Nearshore, not a body-shopping solution.
      2. Choose 5-member teams: two backend software engineers, two frontend and one Quality Assurance. Sub-teams are preferable over larger teams, the key being increased productivity, reduced conflicts and a stronger sense of purpose in the overall business mission and vision.
      3. Value your partner’s DNA. Talent is important, but so is culture. I always recommend partners whose DNA contains the pursuit of excellence. For example, choosing between a specialised Nearshore tech business and a body-shopping solution that also provides Nearshore services can be vital to your success.
      4. Don’t focus too much on attracting the best talent. It is the other business priorities and what they represent that attract talent; not the other way around. Hence the importance of the previous paragraph.
      5. Adjust your path methodology-wise. Yes, software development methodologies have long been studied, and are known to guarantee results. But you don’t need to be stuck with them alone. Our biggest success story comes from a Project management methodology that is not entirely Agile, but interpreted alongside the client.
      6. Be mindful of what to expect from your Nearshore partner. If you’re looking for staffing and use body-shopping, don’t expect to get more than just resources. However, if you need more complex solutions sit down with your partner to establish clear responsibilities, and always ask for solid proof they can deliver on their promises. Track Record is vital, so don’t buy a pig in a poke.


Nuno Melo

CEO e.Near