Nearshore is an exciting sector, getting more and more popularity over the last few years. It surely has been doing wonders for all kinds of businesses, but many companies still don’t know what it is and how they can benefit from it. And those who know, might not be aware of all possibilities it offers to their businesses.


Since the tech industry is highly competitive, many companies are finding it is getting harder to stay relevant. Sometimes there’s just too much to handle at the same time. Companies have to find, recruit and keep talents, which is becoming a daunting task in the IT industry. It means that IT nearshore offers an extra advantage in the software development field. But let’s start by understanding what ‘nearshore’ really means.


What is a nearshore service?

You must have heard about Onshore and Offshore. We’re pretty confident we can say that Nearshore is the win-win solution between these two. Putting it into words, nearshoring is the practice of having work or services performed by people in nearby countries. With this geographic and cultural proximity, you’ll enjoy most benefits of Offshore and Onshore solutions while suppressing the common downsides of those.

“Nearshore provides autonomous development teams that integrate the clients’ structure. It allows the professionals to work with the client as being one of their own teams.”
Diogo Matos, VP of Engineering


Why is IT nearshore the most popular form of nearshoring?

When someone refers ‘nearshoring’ probably the first thing coming to people’s minds is related to software engineering. That happens because more than anything else, companies have been opting to nearshore their software development work needs.

But why is getting software developers from nearby countries so popular? Companies have understood that it is really hard to find and keep talent in that area. And besides that, technology professionals can deliver top-level work despite not being physically present.  So, IT Nearshoring came as the perfect solution for most of them. Knowing that it’s possible to have a team of competent, efficient and reliable IT talents working from a neighbouring country took a weight off their shoulders.

They can have their remote team only 2 or 3 hours away. And since time zones are similar, that team is working at the same time as their in-house teams. It also means that both internal and remote teams might meet in person, which, from our point of view, is great.

What makes companies choose software development nearshore solutions?

There is a myriad of reasons why so many companies rely on nearshore companies to get software development work done. For some of them, it might have been due to a lack of qualified professionals in their area or country. For others, the reasons might be related to how hard it is to keep the workflow of a team of developers – you need developers and most of the time quality assurance professionals, team leaders and many others to get the job done. 

Nearshoring that section of companies means not only a decrease in general costs but also a new possibility to focus on the core business. It also allows companies to solve capacity issues, enhance their services’ quality, and more. 

Nearshoring is much more than cutting costs. It implies a few rules – but mainly, the provider has to understand the clients’ industries and respect their needs. Otherwise, how could they help their clients reach their goals? That’s why we say that it’s all about how it creates true partnerships.

It’s true to say that, in general, IT nearshoring comes as the right solution for companies in need of high-quality IT teams. But not only. High-quality is not all about technical expertise, but also many soft skills.  For instance, adaptability is an essential skill. Companies need to have remote teams as engaged as other teams working on their office. That’s why it is fundamental that IT nearshore professionals can quickly assimilate the company’s culture. Nearshore offers a great balance between hard and soft skills – and that’s ultimately the reason why companies are choosing it instead of another type of solutions.

IT nearshore is the practice of having software development services performed by people in nearby countries.

But why go near?

Time and location are undoubtedly crucial. So as it is having a team of people who are easily adaptable to the companies’ culture and have great English language skills. And let’s not forget about the main point – the quality of IT professionals.

Nearshore remote teams should be as close to the client as any of the teams working at their office (or, during the pandemic, probably working from home too). It all comes to getting the best service provider having in mind at least these criteria: Quality of the Professionals; Experience in the Industry; Geographic Location and Accessibility; Time-zone Similarity; English Language Skills and Culture.

We can proudly say we’re doing an amazing job in all of them:

Quality of the professionals

Portugal has excellent IT professionals. And even if, on the whole, IT talents in Portugal are high-quality, we only hire the best, most qualified and fit for the job. Currently, the high standards of our Human Resource team established our hiring rate in only 3% of all applications. Of the 218 full-time employees of our holding group, 98% have technical degrees.

Experience in the industry

We have 8 core service areas: Strategic IT Consulting; User Experience & User-Centric Design; Project Management; Quality Assurance; CloudOps; Web Development; Mobile Development; Internet-of-Things (IoT). We are Industry experts since we’ve been developing projects for clients in 92 subsectors across 19 major industry groups from Gamming to FinTech or Retail trade.

Geographic location and accessibility

We’re located in Portugal, right in the union point of 3 continents. Our offices are close to the airport, so we’re only about 2,5 hours of flight away from every European country. And our location is so privileged that we’re really close to North America and North Africa too.

Time zone similarity

We’re lucky for having the same time-zone as London. It allows us to work and solve all problems in real-time with almost all European countries. A part of the USA and Africa has a fair amount of overlapping working hours too. This means our teams don’t have to wait long hours for replies – and the same happens for our clients. Both communications and work are more effective due to our time zone.

English language skills

In Portugal, the population is very familiar with the English language. It is taught in all schools since primary school, so we’re a country of fluent English speakers. In fact, Portugal ranks #7 in English proficiency according to the EF English Proficiency Index. Nevertheless, we only hire professionals, Portuguese or not, who prove to be proficient. This advanced knowledge and familiarity with the idiom avoids misunderstandings with clients and facilitates all communications.


Our company culture promotes the perfect adaptability of our teams to the policies, laws and different ways of working from companies worldwide. We are known for having a multicultural workplace full of hardworking, friendly and adaptable professionals. And although high levels of professionalism are expected from our collaborators, we know they can only thrive if we help them do their best. That’s why we promote a proper work environment which includes, besides lots of training, team building activities as well. We know work is better when people are happy.

Some important data about e.near IT nearshore services   

By now you already know almost everything you need to know about nearshore IT. But let’s just get the facts right about e.near as an IT nearshore provider. We have been delivering more than 4.000 sprints yearly. That’s pretty amazing, right? Our clients usually have teams of up to 15 people, all full time. But still, those are our employees, so we offer about 1.100 hours of training per year to our staff.

During these 8 years, we had clients from 19 countries and 5 continents. Our strong focus on delivery has resulted in far above industry average deliveries on time and budget. However, we believe it is only one of the reasons why 98% of our partners establish multi-year relationships with us.

 ­testimonial of an e.near client

The Virtual Era is here. IT and non-IT companies’ need for IT teams is rising. Equally, the size of those teams is increasing too. In such a connected world, nearshoring offers innumerous benefits for companies in need of high-quality software development services. That’s why so many companies worldwide have improved their competitiveness by deciding to choose to work with remote teams in nearby countries.

Nearshoring might not be fit for all, but it might be the nearest to be the perfect solution for those who are looking for a team of skilled, talented IT professionals (may it be developers, team leaders, quality assurance staff or others). IT nearshore solutions offers not only top-notch quality but also the ‘clinching arguments’ such as the location, language, time zone and also the possibility of having a remote team fully integrated into the company’s culture.


Time for your company to go near too? Contact us.

We will be very happy to answer all your questions and help your company succeed.


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