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Nearshore Outsourcing: The Definitive eBook

  • What is the Impact of Technology on the Future of Outsourcing?
  • How to Build a Better Enterprise with Outsourcing
  • The Ultimate Nearshore Guide of 2019

e.near’s nearshore content will allow you to dive deep into the impact of tech in the future of outsourcing, let you understand how to build a better enterprise with outsourcing, and give you inside access to a complete nearshore guide.

International Nearshore Case Studies

  • A Steady Platform for Gaming Software Development
  • Smart Thinking & Resources to Deal with 750x Growth
  • Solving a QA/Testing Bottleneck
  • Expert Senior Talent for Hyper-Specialized Data Analytics


    1. CIOs Should Measure the Business on How Well They Apply Information Technology
    2. The Gartner I3 Innovation Model for IT Outsourcing: How to Get More Value From Your Service Provider


We’re proud to work with the most tech-oriented brands in the world. These well-crafted and highly-detailed case studies contain information on processes, methods, methodologies, and deliverables that allowed e.near to help these incredible companies reach new heights.

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