Leaving home and moving to another country might seem scary. But Federico did it during the pandemic – he moved from Argentina to Portugal to work as a software developer.  

Moving abroad is never an easy task. Especially when you’re moving to another continent, and in the middle of a pandemic as Federico did. But this software developer doesn’t regret his decision at all. In fact, he agreed to share his experience as a means to inform other IT professionals of their possibilities in Portugal.
The visas and bureaucracy are probably what scares people the most. But, as Federico will tell you about, we always give our best to help with the whole process – from the visas to the flight and the house. Now let’s discover more about Federico’s experience.


#1: You lived in Argentina and worked with e.near remotely, is that correct? But then you moved to Portugal – how and why did that happen?

That’s correct. I worked remotely from Argentina for around 4 months. Given that my visa process took around 2 months in total, my relocation to Lisbon was mainly delayed because of the covid situation, during that time Portugal was experiencing the worst stage of the pandemic. As soon as the situation got better, we planned and carried out my relocation, which occurred without any problems.

The process ran very well in all aspects, the company was always very clear and informative about the different stages of the recruitment and the work conditions.


#2: Did you come alone? Tell us about moving to another country, continent, time zone and having a new workplace.

Yes, I came alone. So far, moving to another country has been a great experience. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s easy, you need to stay away from family, friends, places and activities you love. However, I consider it’s a life-changing experience. It gives you the opportunity to move out of your comfort zone and build a new life in a completely new environment, it’s an amazing challenge.


#3: How was the whole process of moving to Portugal to work with e.near?

The first step was to apply for the position and then overcome all the interviews and code challenges with the company and the client (Leonteq in my case). After that, we discussed the contract conditions and made an agreement about the details. The next step was to start doing all the paperwork required to apply for the residence visa. At this stage, I received support from e.near to get all the necessary documents, for example, a contract proposal, health insurance proof, etc.
When everything was ready and the pandemic situation seemed to be controlled, I gave a couple of flight options to e.near and they bought the ticket.
The first weekday after my arrival in Lisbon I went to the office where I was very well received by Petra (from the Human Resources team) who showed me the place.

"I consider it is a life-changing experience [to move to another country] . It gives you the opportunity to move out of your comfort zone and build a new life in a compltely new environment. It's an amazing challenge." Federico Rossi, software developer

#4: How much time did it take from the moment you decided to move to finally arriving in Portugal?

My case was exceptional because the pandemic affected our plans. The visa process took around 2 months, but by the time the visa was ready it was not safe to travel, so it took 2 more months until I finally arrived in Portugal.


#5: In your opinion, what are the main perks of living and working in Portugal?

Portugal is a beautiful country, with many different geographies and landscapes, and everything not too far away. This gives you the chance to visit amazing places without travelling too much time. Speaking specifically about Lisbon, I found it very nice, it’s a great city to live in, a perfect combination, not too big, not too small. It’s not a super big and messy capital like others in Europe, apart from the most touristic zones it’s a quiet place where you can be in touch with locals and learn most of the Portuguese culture directly from them. Despite this, it has vibrant cultural movements, good nightlife, underground vibes, super nice beaches very close and much more things to discover every day.

Life is good for a software developer in Portugal. In terms of income, a developer average salary is much higher than the national minimum wage, so this ensures you a good economic position. Internet access and speed, in general, are good and technology artefacts are affordable. The country is also well prepared for digital nomads.


#6: You moved very recently, we know. But how’s been the experience of living and working in Lisbon? What are you enjoying the most?

It’s been a great experience. Despite I usually work from home, I had the opportunity to attend the office a couple of times and it looks amazing. As I’ve already mentioned, Lisbon is a fabulous city to live in, I feel very comfortable here and I’m really looking forward to feeling the atmosphere of this city when the pandemic is gone.

I’m enjoying discovering more underground or hidden spots in the city and around. The weather is great. I love that during the spring/summer season the sunset is super late (around 8 or 9 pm), which gives you the sensation that the day is longer and you can do more things.


"e.near peopple are always willing to help. Every time I needed something I felt like the company did all they could to sove the issue or to make me feel comfortable." Federico Rossi, software developer - e.near


#7: Did you meet any e.near colleagues by now? We’re living strange new times due to the pandemic – how do you feel about the whole e.near Family?

By now I have met two colleagues and we became very good friends from the beginning. I’d love to meet the rest of the people and feel like part of the family. I had the chance to participate in a couple of virtual meetings and I could observe a very good mood in general, looks like everybody is happy to participate and enjoy sharing time together. I hope I can feel the same very soon.


#8: Do you feel like e.near gives you the support you need not only as a newcomer but also as a recent emigrant in Portugal? How?

Yes, the company helped me to do the mandatory paperwork needed to work here. They also supported me when I had to confirm my residence visa. And the most important part, e.near people are always willing to help, every time I needed something I felt like the company did all they could to solve the issue or to make me feel comfortable.


#9: What do you miss the most about Argentina?

What I miss the most is my family, my friends and my cat. It’s hard to say goodbye. Sometimes I miss also my apartment and some places in Rosario (my hometown).


#10: What would be your advice to other professionals thinking about moving to Portugal?

My advice is: do not think too much about it, just do it. It’s an amazing life experience and you need to be here to really feel the sensation. It absolutely worths it.

It’s great to know how well Federico adapted to life in Portugal despite the additional trouble caused by the pandemic. We’re glad to see our people thrive and to know that we somehow had a little hand on that. 


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