e.Near was honoured with first place in the midsize enterprise category according to prestigious Workplace Excellence Index, promoted by HR Consulting, Human Resources Portugal and INDEG-ISCTE.

The Excellence Index seeks to alert Portuguese businesses of the importance of subjects like organisational environment, and human asset strategic management.

This award confirms that e.Near is on the path of innovation, employing the best Human Resource management practices.

According to e.Near CEO, Nuno Melo, “In a company such as ours, people are the main asset; it is only natural that how they are managed reflects tremendously on our ability to generate value for our clients. This study is definitely very important for e.Near.”

Of all practices developed and implemented by e.Near, the most important is undoubtedly training. The continued investment in personal and professional development is one of the pillars of our success. We currently employ 6 people who underwent training at e.Near Academy, so it is safe to say we won this bet.

Excellence abounds at e.Near. Improving the lives of our employees and serving our clients as best as we can is a constant in everything we do.

This prestigious award was only made possible thanks to extremely specialised and high-quality teams, so our most sincere thanks to our e.Near employees and clients.