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C# | Developer for a leading server-based gaming platform
Lisbon, Portugal
Javascript | Senior Dev for award winning mobile gaming team
Lisbon, Portugal
Scala | Senior Developer (Fintech)
Lisbon, Portugal
.Net Developer
Lisbon, Portugal
Java | Full Stack Developer (MRO Aviation)
Lisbon, Portugal

first step

online application

Candidates send their application using different online channels.

second step

hr validation

Each application is reviewed and evaluated by a member of e.near’s HR Team.

third step

technical evaluation

The candidates are screened by experts in their functional domain.

fourth step

final validation

We will evaluate the candidate’s experience, technical know-how, and creativity.

fifth step


e.near will welcome the newcomers, give access to all the platforms, and ensure they can start working on the first day.

get ready for

your next job

  • Filipe Monteiro
    Filipe Monteiro Software Architect

    “e.near is a company that lets you understand the value of collaboration. It also allows you to have fun while being part of a productive working environment that supports work-life balance like no other. I like the international vibe and the fact that we work on global projects. I know our work spans different countries in a fast-paced, cross-functional corporate culture. I feel energized at work, and I’m always eager to learn with the amazing teams that work here.”

  • Shafik Mahomad
    Shafik Mahomad Software Quality Assurance Engineer

    “The opportunity of working on international projects in my country, in close contact with the customer, and in a long-term relationship is something truly special. It’s like having your cake and eating it too!”

  • Rui Campião
    Rui Campião Software Developer

    “Working at e.near makes you start the week with enthusiasm. You want to go ahead and dive into that complex project, check whether or not the client is fully satisfied, and get a cup of coffee with your colleagues while talking about that funny, geeky thing. Working nearshore is something special since it’s a great way to develop your skills!”

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The teams in Portugal and the UK are perfectly aligned, which leads us to believe that we are, indeed, always near.

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