In order to attain certain results, one needs to step up the game and rise above all others.

first step


e.near works with a management team whose goal is to assess, along with the customer, all the needs that arise. We are ready to deal with different types of customer, from those with no knowledge of nearshore services to those who are already acquainted with offshore and nearshore solutions.


This first assessment is extremely relevant, as it allows e.near to advise its customers about the most adequate solution. Such is the very first step: to get to know our customers in terms of business and technology – and what they are all about, too.


the team

After choosing the business model  e.near engages in defining the team that will deliver the project. The management team and the customer then  establish what features  both the team and the business model will use. We seek to call only the most skilled professionals — and have actually been developing talent acquisition tools that enable us to find only the best of the best. If you would like to know more about this elaborate process, take a look here.


All these processes are put into action to ensure customers have the best technical team one can find. In addition to detecting and contracting first-rate engineering teams, e.near makes sure they stay for many, many years with the company, showing the customer that stability and productivity are what e.near is all about.

on budget

and on time

Being there for the customer – always available and forthcoming – is one of the main traits we guarantee across every single team working on any given project. As the company grows, quality standards are kept and further enhanced. Effective communication is also one of our chief goals, keeping the project on budget and on time. For better or worse, we are always there for you.

Portugal and the UK

working together

In addition to the management team in Portugal, we also have a permanent management team in our London office. If you need to set up a meeting, drop us a line here.


The management team in London comprises professionals with over 20 years experience in the technology market. This team is essential to our company — it is how we keep on-site contact with customers.


Our teams in Portugal and the UK are perfectly aligned, which leads us to believe that we are, indeed, always near.

trust us to do what we do best