Founded in 2013 by a group of fellow Portuguese people who had a vision of setting up an unrivalled information technology business, e.near is a company specialised in nearshore IT solutions, fully committed to developing key projects with excellent outcomes for mature and sophisticated international markets.

In the presence of an upsetting and conflicting scenario in Portugal’s marketplace – in which talented professionals with tech backgrounds choose to leave the country in search of new challenges and better opportunities – e.near decided to pull in innovation-driven technology projects of widespread reputation in order to come upon a solution to fix this problem.
That is, instead of letting the best professionals leave Portugal, we brought in the best technology projects.

In other words, e.near is building a network of trained, qualified, and highly skilled professionals in Portugal and exposing it to larger, more ambitious markets. We are the right company for those who want to partake in relevant projects within international settings.

We are particularly proud of being a company providing high quality nearshore services that can accept and fulfil challenges of great complexity and specificity put forth by our customers.


There is more to it than having the best professionals possible – which is a challenge per se: we have the best management skills available, which help to respond to all of our customers’ needs and are paramount in the entire process, end to end.

At e.near, we are in love with technology and are set on making our contribution to the world.
By exposing people with this type of profile, there can only be one consequence: we are building a better world with the help of technology.
We have passionate teams that are devoted to deliver the best nearshore services in the world, with incomparable results.

If you choose e.near, you are most definitely choosing a top-notch partner that is resilient, creative, and passionate about attaining goals and lead the way.

trust us to do what we do best