Every business needs highly effective management – even more, when they’re startups. From saving time and resources to significantly improving the quality of their work, startups have a myriad of advantages in nearshoring. 


Gathering up a great IT team is not an easy job, not even for big established companies. Startups have the ideas, the vision, but often lack the same means as the big corporations. For them, the struggle of gathering up a great IT team within budget often feels overwhelming and far from their reach.  

Fortunately, there are abroad markets near them ready to offer cost-effective top-notch talent. This means that it’s possible to have high-quality teams with a remarkable capacity to adapt to new challenges working at the same time and being keen to absorb the company’s work culture. By offering that, nearshoring comes as anything less than a great, revolutionary solution for startups. 

But what are exactly the advantages nearshore offers to startups?


1. The increasing difficulty of assembling IT teams will no longer be a problem

Everyone who currently tries to assemble a proper, high-quality software development team knows how hard it can be. Either it is a lack of qualified, talented professionals available or the difficulty of making them choose you, it is truly a herculean task. In fact, it can easily get to that point where you feel like it’s utterly impossible.

But not when you have a nearshore partner who has the great professionals your startup needs, almost ready to start working with you. And, of course, if you choose the right country (like Portugal, yes!) and partner, it means you won’t have the slightest decrease in labour quality. Having the best professionals quickly and without any of those HR headaches is a reality.

Of course, startups could hire local or national outsourcing companies to hire and assemble those IT teams. But will it be any easier, faster, on budget and with the much-needed quality?


2. Startups save time by nearshoring their software development Deloitte's Global Outsourcing Survey: COVID-19 has banished the idea that physical co-location of resources is necessary to develop a trusting relationship in the workplace.

Time is one of the most important assets of today’s world. Everyone needs more time, and everyone needs to use it wisely. Companies have to effectively use each resource – but startups depend on that.

Choosing a nearshore software development team will radically cut the time invested in finding, recruiting and training the best professionals for each position. It certainly feels amazing when a competent nearshoring company nearby does all that hard work for you.


3. Evaluating each Project will become simpler 

When choosing a nearshore company to partner with, startups should go on to favour the ones who genuinely care about their partners and show extended knowledge about their business. A nearshoring company should be able to deliver the best-customised solutions for each client’s needs.

This means that the startup benefits from the advanced knowledge of the nearshore team. Their new nearshore software development team will analyse factors such as business objectives, company size, target audience, type of technology available, amongst others. After that, they suggest the best solution to foster sustainable innovation and progress. And it starts taking us to the huge 4th benefit.


4. Startups get the opportunity to learn from an experienced partner

Startups are great and full of high-quality and disruptive professionals. However, like anything new and revolutionary, they are like teenagers still figuring out the best way of becoming themselves. And a nearshore company might perfectly be that cool older cousin who’s always there ready to lend a helping hand and showing how to make the best out of life.

Nearshore companies offer their experience and talent, not only in the same industry but in many others as well. That’s what we do at e.near. For those who are open to fully take that advantage, it might be game-changing. Once the partnership is established, the startup has privileged access to a source of expertise and experience that can, in fact, improve the startup business.


5. Nearshore offers the cost efficiency startups need

It is known that one of the causes for the failure of many startups is running out of capital before reaching a sustainable cash flow. At first glance, it would seem that the option of offering the best cost efficiency is to build an in-house software development team. But in fact, it’s not. That’s because hiring and training high-quality IT professionals is nowhere near being cheap. And hiring national professionals for a low-cost price might seem amazing, but it doesn’t come without great risks (and higher costs, for sure).

Nearshoring is cost-effective because it makes management improve and communications faster – reducing those costs. But, on another level, just take everyday overhead expenses that come along with the hiring of each new employee, for instance. Startups, just like any other company, will have to cover those – and those will probably keep growing over time. Opting for a nearshore solution will save you those costs too.

Besides that, nearshore offers a certain quality guarantee – this being true for both the professionalism and talent of the professionals and the nearshore company also monitoring the project itself, offering its knowledge and expertise. Nearshoring comes as the win-win solution of having great professionals without ruining the budget over time.


6. Flexibility, focus and effectiveness are keys for startups to flourish

Nearshore solutions offer a certain level of freedom to scale up and down that startups need. When scaling down is needed, since employees won’t be tied to the startup, the costs of payroll-related liabilities won’t apply. When scaling up, getting new, incredibly talented professionals is relatively simple.

For startups, having the freedom to focus on the core processes and real problems can be game-changing. Startups need an incessant improvement of the idea, of the project itself. To survive, startups need to be aware of the smallest changes in the market. Also, they need to be able to quickly adapt and readapt to new realities.

That leads to a general optimisation of teams’ effectiveness. There’s the possibility of splitting complex processes into various stages, assembling a number of them to the nearshore partner. That way, key tasks can be kept for in-house teams, if that’s the best option for the startup. And the best part is that by doing this, the project is easier to control. And for that reason, it will be delivered faster and with higher quality.

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7. Teams are prepared to adapt themselves to the startup work culture

We know how important the work culture is. And how valuable it is for startups. Having a company culture positively affects the well being of employees. It also smooths the way each project runs. Despite that, according to Forbes, it even impacts productivity itself.

Our professionals know that. They are trained to, first of all, adapt themselves to the culture of the company they’re working for. Then, they try to absorb as much of it as possible. By doing this, they know they can fit perfectly into each situation. Startups are not only free to communicate, but also to involve those team members in every type of activity. This means that our teams can and should be inserted in the decision-making processes, and even in team-building activities.

In fact, Deloitte just reassured that not being present at the office has no impact on this. They stated that “COVID-19 has banished the idea that physical co-location of resources is necessary to develop a trusting relationship in the workplace.” But our clients know it for a long time now.


Whether your startup has reached break-even or not, nearshore is a great solution. Because overall, what nearshore offers is an improvement of the work quality. It saves you time and extra costs. Offers top-notch quality and extended expertise that come off as more effective solutions. Allows partners to focus on the core processes. And much more, as you read above. 

And one last thing. Technology is ever-changing. Technological advancements happen almost on an everyday basis. At e.near, we have high standards for everything we do. So we train our staff to keep themselves up-to-date. Education and training are a great part of who we are. And we’d like you to know that we work under Non-Disclosure Agreements that we take very seriously. 


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