Podcasts are one of the best ways to be updated on the latest tech developments. Discover the 6 suggestions we selected for software engineers to follow in 2022.



Technology probably evolves faster than any other field, so it’s easy to lose track if you’re away for too long. Business leaders are not the only ones who need to stay updated on industry developments – every tech professional should be informed about current happenings within the industry.

A podcast, as you might know, is an audio programme. Something very similar to the old talk radio shows. Podcasts are usually available as series and users can listen to them whenever and wherever they’d like to – which wasn’t true for radio shows.

But what about the content? Well, that’s the secret: there are millions of podcasts about every subject, including technology and engineering, of course. And within the technology field, you’ll probably have tons of podcasts for every niche of your interest. However, we – in close collaboration with the e.near Family – choose 6 great podcasts for software developers to follow in 2022.

In our final selection, we have generic tech podcasts but also a few niche ones that we found really appealing. Keep in mind that all of them were chosen by members of the e.near family so they’re in no way publicity content. Come discover all of them, why we think each one is great and why you should follow it.

ShopTalk Show


  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Main Theme: Website Building
  • Hosts: Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert 

The ShopTalk Show is a podcast made by Chris Coyier, the creator of the CSS Tricks and Code Pen, and Dave Rupert. “Together they discuss Web Design and UX/UI, going through important topics”, mentions Ricardo Sacardo, JavaScript Developer. 

  • Why is it great and you should listen to it?

It is a long-running podcast hosted by famous developers – but very informative. It is focused on Web Design and themes like accessibility, aesthetics, performance and Human-Computer Interaction. 

  • Perfect if you’re looking for….

“The best UI/UX Design podcast”, according to Ricardo Sacardo. He also adds that it can be a truly “helpful guide to web developers who want to understand more about UI/UX.”

Coin Bureau


  • Frequency: Every two days
  • Main Theme: Blockchain
  • Hosts: Guy your crypto guy

This is an educational podcast about blockchain technology and what new projects are coming up. The YouTube channel was created in 2018 and now Coin Bureau content (not only on YouTube) reaches over 1.4 million people a month.

  • Why is it great and you should listen to it?

Danilo Manmohanlal, e.near’s software engineer, thinks it is because: “the content is presented in a very simple approach so that everyone can understand.”

  • Perfect if you’re looking for….

a Podcast that gives you very well researched information on cryptocurrencies in the most understandable manner you could think of.

JS Party


  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Main Theme: JavaScript
  • Hosts: Various JavaScript veterans

JS Party was first aired in 2017, produced by the Changelog developer community. Some of the most frequent hosts are Amal Hussein (Software Engineer), Divya Sasidharan (JS Developer and Teacher), Nick Nisi (TypeScript advocate) or Feross Aboukhadijeh (Open-Source pioneer). In this podcast, it is frequent to hear these veterans talk about “new libraries and emerging best practices”, mentions Ricardo Sacardo, JavaScript Developer.

  • Why is it great and you should listen to it?

This podcast is not only fun to hear but also an amazing resource for developers to grow as professionals. It will be useful whether you’re a senior or a junior developer.

  • Perfect if you’re looking for….

a development podcast that will both entertain you and give you the latest updates on the JS world.

Stack Overflow


  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Main Theme: Computer Programming
  • Hosts: Ben Popper Paul Ford and Sara Chipps

Stack Overflow has a long history of helping developers and technologists go further. The website was founded in 2008 and is now a community of more than 100 million people. And this podcast, which is now 12 years old, was born out of that, so it’s really diverse in terms of subject. You can expect some episodes to dig into tech hot topics while many others are focused on interesting niche subjects.

  • Why is it great and you should listen to it?

Fun is one of the ingredients present in every episode. You’ll be updated on what’s going on with technology and, at the same time, you’ll have a light, fun moment together with the hosts.

  • Perfect if you’re looking for….

Being updated with the latest trends in the computer programming and coding world and you don’t have lots of time, as the episodes have about 30 minutes.

Startup Therapy


  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Main Theme: Startup life
  • Hosts: Wil Schroter and Ryan Rutan

Both hosts are founders of several companies in the last 20 years. In 2019, they decided to launch a weekly podcast together. The information might not be focused on software engineering experiences, but you’ll learn lots of things that will be indirectly valuable for you as a professional.

  • Why is it great and you should listen to it?

“They try to explain everything that founders go through in their startup life, this is not about being a billion-dollar company, such as Facebook or Google, this podcast talks about everything, from the emotional cost of bootstrapping a new company or how to handle anxiety, failures and exit plans.” explains Danilo Manmohanlal, software engineer. 

  • Perfect if you’re looking for….

Learning from the vast experience of two veteran entrepreneurs. You don’t need to aim to become a founder of a startup, but if you’re interested in knowing the truth behind how it is to build and maintain a startup – both the ups and downs – this is for you. 

Filipe Deschamps 


  • Frequency: Every two weeks
  • Main Theme: Computer Programming
  • Hosts: Filipe Deschamps

Differently from the other suggestions, we have this one given to us by João Ramalho, Team Leader: Filipe Deschamps’s YouTube Channel videos. We know it doesn’t completely fill the “podcast” term as these are videos and don’t have a real “series” outcome. But the content is very interesting and you can still listen to it whenever and wherever you wish.

  • Why is it great and you should listen to it?

This is a great podcast for every software developer who wants to be updated about what’s new in the web development field. Especially for those who are Portuguese speakers, as Filipe Deschamps’s contents are originally spoken in Portuguese. “You should listen to it if you are interested in weird bugs, cyber security, new frameworks and any new developments in the world of web dev.” João Ramalho

  • Perfect if you’re looking for….

“A very light way for staying up to date in the area. The videos are not technical at all so anyone with any level of knowledge can understand them. They are also in Brazilian Portuguese which is a very rare thing.”

These are the 6 podcasts we chose, but many others could be part of this list. We decided to pick these as they are focused on 6 important topics: Computer Programming, JavaScript, Website building, Startup life and blockchain technology. 

Some of these are more focused on giving you news and updates while others present you with technical content and advice. But all of them are worth the time – perfect to listen to during your commute or lunchtime. 

As software developers, we always have to be updated on not one but many fields at the same time. Being engaged with content like Podcasts is extremely important as with it we become part of a community of active listeners and we really grow within it. As an employer company, we can say that it is great to have engaged professionals, who are eager to learn more, working with us. 

Do you already follow any of these?

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