this is e.near

if you just washed up on our shore
it is probably because you have a project at hand
and are actually in need of a hand or two.

you can feel the


We bet you are looking for a team that can grasp the pith of your project and take interest in your company; a team that is able to ask the right questions and find the most efficient path.


And you will certainly want to always be in touch with this team, without being concerned with time zones, just a coffee cup away.


We discovered the world and now it’s time to bring the best out there to the amazing city of Lisbon, Portugal.

connecting makes us stronger


e.near is part of the Connect Enterprises ecosystem,
which allows us to have access to a number of partner companies, thus complementing our offer.

In addition to that, we are closely connected to the tech communities and top universities in Portugal.

Two white books floating. They both have an orange image in the center and e.near's logo.

Top Nearshore Content

e.near’s nearshore content will allow you to dive deep into the impact of tech in the future of outsourcing, let you understand how to build a better enterprise with outsourcing, and give you inside access to a complete nearshore guide.

we have what it takes


We have the knowledge, the people, and the right business model. We have the motivation and the passion that lead us to question the rule to attain the exception.


We are near to you and your company, your project becomes our project; our team becomes your team.

near to the


e.near works together with companies to help them build, incubate, and scale high calibre, dedicated technology teams to deliver affordable technical solutions with quality at their core.


We specialise in nearshore IT solutions and take pride in delivering successful projects across a number of countries worldwide.


Our passion for technology will take us far and wide. Let us help you succeed.

it’s all about the


Our unique business model provides peace of mind, robust IPR and vibrant Agile start-up culture with creative problem solvers, all from our nearshore offices. We strive to do better for the best.

this is


We work closely with our partner customers to establish the best nearshore IT solutions that suit each company’s needs.


Because e.near is at the western tip of Europe, we are easily accessible from all European cities, mostly within 2-3 hours flying time. If you think we are not near enough, think again.

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